NeoPay Way

NeoPay is re-imagining the banking experience and leads the way with revamped business processes and maximized effectiveness. The dynamic of the banking landscape is rapidly changing, and so do business needs and customer expectations.

NeoPay is offering a uniquely tailored payment process to cater to any company’s needs. We want to delight our customers with smart banking, personalized services and a brand-new experience when transacting. Our scalable solutions guide businesses through the ongoing digital transformation and open the door to limitless payment scenarios.

Why NeoPay?


Tackle the growing complexities of the Digital Era with our unique business model. Let NeoPay empower you on your digital banking experience.


NeoPay is a carefully designed payment service using our banking network to offer customised solutions matching clients’ needs.


NeoPay is focusing on the ABC of digital banking from fast onboarding to security to tailored solutions.


Digital IBAN Accounts

  • Unique IBAN accounts with personalised services and tools
  • Global wire transfers are available to and from businesses and individuals
  • Reconciliation made easy by assigning separate IBAN accounts to each operation
  • Manage your funds directly from an online platform without visiting a branch
  • Multiple currencies available to choose from
Online Payments
  • Accept card payments from customers around the world
  • Competitive rates and reliable service guaranteed by our trustworthy regulated PSPs
  • PCI DSS compliant PSP partners ensure the highest level of security for your transactions
Card Issuing
  • Create your own ecosystem
  • Payouts to VIP clients, suppliers or affiliates have never been easier
  • Complete control of the process through an online digital platform
  • White Label options available for large organisations looking to brand
  • Corporate Services – Payment channels can be created via a simple restructure. Explore our Partner network offering company formation, registered offices and agent services
  • EMI License Consulting – Advisory and assistance on EMI applications process from initial application to company setup and recruiting for key roles



Business Oriented

Our Advantages

NeoPay specialises in creating payment processes tailored to clients’ needs. We combine the functionality of traditional systems with new fintech capabilities into immaculate digital customer experience. With NeoPay, individuals and businesses can transact with customers worldwide while using the current account with guaranteed security and quick payments.



Will the new decade bring a cashless society?


2019 - the year of both opportunity and success for the FinTech industry.

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