One Year Of NeoPay

After one year of intensive global operations, strategic partnerships, and happy clients, we can take a deep breath and enjoy the achievements. For NeoPay 2019 was a successful year with many lessons to learn from, improve, and get beetter! Our focus on mostly the high-risk industries brought us close to a business environment that needs careful consideration. Enhanced regulatory frameworks, out-of-the-box payments strategy, and valuing banking partnerships are few of the aspects the NeoPay team handled and is now mastering. Where is NeoPay standing after 2019?

Looking back at 2019

As early as the second quarter, our targets were already evident with global growth as the core. We integrated many card-processing, gateway and APM providers, and PSPs to offer a complete digital banking solution to companies in the forex, crypto or gaming industries. Our AML and compliance teams made it possible for high-risk industries to access new markets through our services, ensuring legal compliance at all times throughout the process.

As a digital banking partner, we stood by our clients and the high-risk industries in times of increased regulation and strict banking transaction bans. With NeoPay, brokerages and beyond, sign up for a payments scheme that has global coverage in terms of reach and compliance.

What’s in store for 2020?

2019 taught us that technology is at the heart of digital banking, along with a solid business plan. Online payments are booming due to rethinking the value chain and customer experience either for the B2C or B2B landscape. We understand the importance of tech, and in 2020 we are eyeing a tech launch that will again target high-risk businesses.

Our mission is to create safe payments processes from both tech and legal aspects. As a digital banking provider, we flourished on the innovation FinTech industry brings, improving our services, and valuing our long-term banking relationships.

What else do you expect from NeoPay in 2020?